Collaborating to Recycle Creatively

Reuse | Recycle | Refurbish | Renew | Replenish

About Us 

In 2022, a home-school online assignment about recycling, sparked an idea that brought an unlikely group of people together.  

A Mother, her home-schooled teenage son, a Rastafarian and his enthusiastic friend formed a collaboration, to recycle creatively, empower and uplift themselves and ended up creating a unique artistic and entrepreneurial family.

Creating art from recyclable items was so well received, we were encouraged to explore the hidden artist in ourselves.  The endless ideas mean a long journey ahead, exploring and creating awareness of the possible reuse, recycle, refurbish, renew and replenishment the human race's cast offs and waste. 

From art to interior décor, garden art, natural pest control, tyre dog beds, waterproof beds for pets and a variety of blankets for horses, ponies, donkeys and dogs - we aim to

Collaborate to Recycle Creatively


Art Collaboration | Art, made with recycled medium

Art Collaboration

Used To Be Yours | Recycled Horse Blanket Initiative


Oliver - Founder

Oliver, 14, started home schooling in January 2022.  One assignment, about recycling and turning junk into art is where it all began for our collaboration.

Heidi - The Mom Never having picked up a paint brush or pencil, it was quite a challenge learning new things.  Most of the time, the hard way.  But this journey has brought so much joy.

Emmanuel - The Rastafarian

Also, a newbie to the artist's brush, Emmanuel's natural love of Nature and Spirit shines through in everything he does and loves the evolution of his artistic journey.

Philip - The Fixer

Philip, a driver, strongman and burgeoning business man.  He negotiates all our contract work, fits horse blankets like a pro and is the glue that holds us together.