Art Collaboration

In 2022, Oliver started an assignment on Recycling as part of his home schooling curriculum.  

It was quite thorough and one section covered what is, and is not recyclable.  Of the items not reusable, how can it be made useful again?  Heidi got way too excited when she saw the art task, dived onto Pinterest and the rest is history.

Oliver's first piece of art was so beautiful and simple, using beer bottle caps, aka "doppies", grape vine twigs and some second hand Masonite board - naturally it got lauded on social media!  The response was overwhelming - Is it for sale?  Do you take orders?  

Emmanuel came on board a couple of months in and took our collaboration to the next level.  His curiosity and faith was inspiring, so together, we created a little art business.  Craft markets are a Saturday date and now, we are delving into E-Commerce and going online to reach even more lovely people who are looking for something unusual for the wall, mantelpiece or as a gift.

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